Guido's Burritos Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Cantina

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Hours 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
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  • Saturday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Come enjoy the authentic Mexican street fare and a sip (or two) from the world-class tequila bar offering over 100 different tequilas. Home of OC's only 60oz MONSTERITA. Fun hip atmosphere. Always a fiesta!


American, Beach Food, Mexican

Dining Options

Bar/Lounge, Live Music, Outdoor Dining

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Lunch, Lite Fare, Dinner

Recent Reviews

Guido's Burritos Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Cantina
Calvin Shelby : 4 on 6/25/2023 3:00 pm
Guido’s Burritos in Ocean City Maryland. This is located near Jolly Roger amusement park on 33rd street. The restaurant is a Mexican food place and has a lot of options that is available. They do have alcohol drinks. You must be 21+ to drink here. Prices can range from $10.00+ and has a lot of parking around the restaurant. Parking is free. Our visit was on Tuesday June 20, 2023.

As you drive up to the restaurant. You can see it’s a Mexican restaurant and looks amazing from the outside. It welcomes you from the outside and I really do enjoy that. After you park, You walk into the restaurant and see the hostess. She ask you how many you have and they sit you down. We had a tall table that was available to us during our visit. After the host left, then our waiter came by really fast and ask us “how we are going” we said “great” and she ask what do we want to drink. She was very nice and smiling the entire time. We got alcohol drinks, We had the Swedish fish and peach margarita drink. We then order our food. We order the enchiladas and got the Carne Asada tacos. We waiting about 15 minutes for the food which was really fast and began to eat.

The food was delicious. I had chicken with rice that was on the side of my enchiladas. The tacos was amazing and very tasty. The food was a 5/5 all star meal. We didn’t have any complaints.

The place is clean. Very well maintain and organized. You can tell that they keep with the place clean to make sure that the guest experience has the best possible outcome in their restaurant and that is something I love to see during any visit for a restaurant. The bathrooms was really clean and very maintain.

It’s really easy to navigate around the restaurant since it’s not big. They do have a full size bar if you don’t want a table. You have all the table and booths as you walk into the restaurant and the bar on the left. You can’t miss it. The bathrooms are on the right in the back.

The staff was amazing. Our waiter looked really happy and always came and checked on us to make sure if we need anything. She was very nice like I mentioned in my previous comment above. All the other staffed looked like they enjoyed the job. We had no issue with the staff.

We really did enjoy our dinner. The only reason the place didn’t get a 5 star is that we spent over $100.00 for our food and two drinks. For being a Mexican restaurant, that’s pretty high but I guess it’s pricey since they are in a tourist destination.

We do recommend this place but be prepared to spend an arm and leg for everything. Definitely if you are a big family. Make sure to go during the week since it’s seem least busy during our visit

Overall 4.7/5
4 5
Guido's Burritos Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Cantina
Melz Hunnefield : 2 on 8/2/2023 1:27 am
We're on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, during the summer, so I expect food to not be cheap. I paid $27 for three birria tacos, a favorite dish of mine. However the tacos were only about half filled with meat, at best. And there was lots of fat. The inside of the restaurant was really cool, but very very loud. There's a nightclub next door, and the restaurant was louder than the karaoke bar.
2 5
Guido's Burritos Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Cantina
Brandon Quiceno : 1 on 8/24/2023 5:01 pm
Food is horrible. But this is not a reflection on the waiters and waitresses.

Came with a family of 9. Found hair in one of the kids food bowls.

Food has no flavor, the birria tacos had 50% meat and 50% fat. The chicken quesadillas had no chicken when the chicken is an extra $6. This place was definitely not worth coming here. Says they have authenticc ingredients. But these ingredients are not the best at all. I'm sitting here at the restaurant as I'm writing this. I do not recommend eating here. Please save your money and go else where. Also, they say they have big portions that's why the price is high $20+ per plate. Definitely not worth it. Better going to burger king or buying food at the supermarket and make it your self. Please save your time and money.
1 5
Guido's Burritos Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Cantina